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PBSA Code of Conduct

The families, supporters, coaches, and players of Plum Baseball and Softball Association (PBSA) represent a broad cross-section of our community. Parents must be involved for PBSA to be a successful children’s organization. All persons associated with PBSA must recognize that their actions and behavior are perceived by the public as representatives of Plum and its surrounding communities. All PBSA parents, players, coaches, fans, spectators, and umpires must act as ambassadors of our proud organization.

To ensure the quality and integrity of our youth sports program as well as the safety of all participants (players, spectators, coaches and managers and umpires) Plum Baseball and Softball Association hereby adopts and will enforce the following Policy on Personal Conduct...

By registering a child for participation in Plum Baseball and Softball Association, the parent(s) or guardian(s) and player acknowledge and agree that:
     1. Participation in Plum Baseball and Softball Association is a privilege and not a right.
     2. The player and his/her family will follow this Code of Conduct.
     3. Acceptance into Plum Baseball and Softball Association and continued participation by a player and parent(s) or guardian(s) is subject to the final decision and sole discretion of the Plum Baseball and Softball Association Board of Directors.

General Expectations of all Participants
     • Understand that our players are children and need encouragement and not criticism. Applaud good play and effort by players, congratulate the winning team and          encourage the losing team.
     • Be willing to volunteer time and/or resources to improve the organization and demonstrate recognition of the efforts of the volunteer personnel. Support your child's team and PBSA by volunteering to work in the concession stand and to prepare and clean the field and dugouts.
     • Refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct and grandstand coaching. Abusive or profane language is forbidden at all times. Only players, coaches, umpires, and league officials are allowed on the field at any time.
     • Learn the basic rules of baseball and softball.
     • PBSA welcomes participation from members of the community. Attend board meetings, review all emails from PBSA and be familiar with the information on PBSA’s website. Please be positive in any critiquing of PBSA.
     • Refrain from smoking at all PBSA games as required by law.
     • Intoxication or the consumption of alcohol or drugs while attending PBSA games or events is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate ejection from the field/facility by an umpire or league official. Assistance from the police will be requested, as needed, to enforce local ordinances.

All interactions with umpires, spectators, and/or players must be calm, polite, and respectful. Interactions with umpires shall be restricted to the following:
     • Review of applicable field ground rules or clarification of PBSA’s local rules of play.
     • Communication regarding issues that affect the playing of the game including, but not limited to, equipment, injuries, and weather.
     • General pleasantries and expression of gratitude.

An umpire may, in his/her discretion, eject a coach who conducts himself/herself in violation of this policy. Umpires shall report any such violation to league officials within twenty-four (24) hours.

All interactions with fellow spectators, players, coaches, and umpires must be calm, polite, and respectful. Yelling, jeering, questioning, and/or criticizing coaches, players or umpires is strictly prohibited. Spectators shall not address umpires directly or indirectly, before, during or after a game. Spectators must follow any rules established by team managers for communicating with players during games or practices.

All interactions with players and coaches must be calm, polite, and respectful. Umpires shall not interact in any way with parents and spectators during a game in which he/she is umpiring. Umpires shall refrain from criticizing players, coaches, and/or parents before, during and after a game. Umpires must always demonstrate proper decorum.

Penalties and Sanctions
If, in his/her discretion, an umpire reasonably believes a participant’s conduct is in violation of this policy, the umpire shall halt the game, convene the managers of both teams, and require them to remind the subject participants of Plum Baseball and Softball Association’s Policy on Personal Conduct.
If such behavior continues after the step taken above, an umpire at his/her discretion may issue an ejection to the subject participant(s) in which an umpire, team manager, or Plum Baseball and Softball Association official asks the violator to leave the game premises for the remainder of the game
If the violator refuses to immediately do so, the umpire shall suspend the game, and the game shall be concluded at a later date.
Any infractions by the participants may result in a further and lengthier suspension from participation in the league in any capacity and shall be at the sole discretion of the Plum Baseball and Softball Association Board of Directors.

All ejections shall be communicated by the managers and/or umpires to the PBSA League Representative within twenty-four (24) hours. In addition, managers and/or umpires shall communicate inappropriate behavior to the appropriate Directors regardless of whether an ejection occurred. The appropriate Directors shall report these complaints to the PBSA President within twenty-four (24) hours. The Plum Baseball and Softball Association Board of Directors shall investigate the matter and determine an appropriate sanction from participation in all Plum Baseball and Softball Association events including practices, games, and special events sponsored by Plum Baseball and Softball Association.

Managers must communicate to their PBSA League Representatives any actions by an umpire they believe to be in violation of this policy within 24 hours of the infraction. League Representatives must report these infractions to the PBSA President within 24 hours. In consultation with the head Umpire, the President will determine if the issue must be placed before the Plum Baseball and Softball Association board of directors.

Zero Tolerance
Plum Baseball and Softball Association will not tolerate any of the following egregious violations:
     • Physical contact made with a child, umpire, manager, or coach.
     • Threatening a player, parent, spectator, umpire, manager, or coach verbally or by gesturing.
The Plum Baseball and Softball Association Board of Directors reserves the right to impose sanctions for violations that are not specifically enumerated above.
I hereby have read and accept the policy guidelines:
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PBSA Code of Conduct


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