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Ages for Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Baseball

To determine which division your child is eligible for please see the ages below.  

NOTE for Fall Baseball:
Fall baseball divisions are determined by what division your child will be in for the following spring.  If they are going to move up to Rookie in the spring they will play Rookie in the fall.  If they are moving to Minor in the spring they will play Minor in the fall.

How to interpret the ages: 
If your child was born between May 1st 2017 and April 30th 2019 they would be eligible for TBall.  For Rookie and above the ages are determined by what age your child will be on April 30th of that year.  So even though your child may only be 6 now, if they will be 7 by April 30th they will play as a 7 year old for the spring season.  Likewise for Minor.  If your child is 8 now, but will be 9 before April 30th they will play as a 9 year old during the spring season.

Note:  The PBSA has recently changed their age cutoff dates.  If you are already in Rookie - Jr League and your birthday is between May 1st and August 31st you will have the choice if you want to be grandfathered into the old age cutoff dates and move up to the higher division or if you want to play by the new age cutoff dates and stay back and play in the lower division.  

 Baseball Division  Min Age  Max Age Oldest Birthday  Youngest Birthday 
 Jr Legion 13 161/1/200812/31/2012

The Plum Legion and Jr. Legion Baseball divisions are based on tryout results.  You must compete in the tryout and be selected to the team to be able to participate.