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The Board of Directors is composed of individuals from across the community.  Their common goal is to provide the children of Plum the best baseball and softball organization possible.  This organization will provide an equal and fair opportunity to all players, coaches, and managers.  Their focus will be the "on-field" experience for each child.

PBSA Board of Directors
Executive Board

TitleNameEmail Address
PresidentJohn Nabozny [email protected]
Vice PresidentSean Haerr [email protected]
TreasurerJulie Kline [email protected]
SecretaryJosh Whiteman [email protected]
Director of Field Maintenance   Jason Scheible [email protected]
Director of OperationsMatt Desantis [email protected]
Director of BaseballShawn Lafferty [email protected]
Director of Fast Pitch SoftballDeanna Hadley [email protected]
Director of Fast Pitch SoftballLiz Nemanic [email protected]


TitleNameEmail Address
Director of BaseballShawn Lafferty [email protected]
League Rep - T-BallKeith Borman [email protected]
League Rep - Rookie Baseball  Justin Pifer
 [email protected]
League Rep - Minor BaseballJoel Kline [email protected]
League Rep - Junior BaseballAndy Verrengia [email protected]
League Rep - Pony BaseballKirk Rhoades
 [email protected]
League Rep - Legion BaseballDan Macioce [email protected]


TitleNameEmail Address
Director of Fast Pitch SoftballDeanna Hadley
[email protected]
Director of Slow Pitch SoftballLiz Nemanic[email protected]
League Rep - 8U Slow Pitch SoftballSean Haerr[email protected]
League Rep - 10U Slow Pitch SoftballSean Haerr[email protected]
League Rep - 12U Slow Pitch SoftballJoe Panichella[email protected]
League Rep - 15U Slow Pitch SoftballMark Proviano[email protected]
League Rep - 18U Slow Pitch SoftballDeanna Hadley[email protected]

Other Appointed Positions

TitleNameEmail Address
Director of EquipmentRyan Fulmer[email protected]
Director of Player DevelopmentDan Macioce [email protected] 
WebmasterMichael Devine [email protected]